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    By Ashton Thomas | June 14, 2023

    Welcome To KRG Vacation Rentals KRG is now offering Short Term Vacation Rentals in The Villages and surrounding Central Florida locations. We specialize in providing comprehensive management services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you manage your property in the most... Read More

    Easy Ways To Prep Your House To Sell!

    By Ashton Thomas | June 8, 2023

    Easy Ways To Prep Your House To Sell! Investing time and effort to prep your house for sale will create an inviting focus on your home. Potential homebuyers are more likely to imagine your home as their future home if it is inviting, clutter-free and inspiring. Not sure where to start? Here are a few... Read More

    KRG Social Media Sites To Follow

    By Ashton Thomas | June 2, 2023

    KRG Invites You To Visit Our Websites! Are you interested in learning more about KRG? You can follow KRG on our various websites. Our website content will provide you with more information on KRG and our team of Five Star Agents, provide testimonials and up-to-date real estate advice and topics. Here are the links: Instagram:... Read More

    The Importance Of Pre-Approval Before Purchasing A Home

    By Ashton Thomas | January 20, 2023

    The most productive first step to take in purchasing a home is obtaining your pre-approval. Getting a pre-approval shows that you are financially prepared and in the event your offer on a property is accepted, there will be no hold ups in obtaining a mortgage. It also provides credibility, establishes how much house you can... Read More

    What To Ask When Hiring A Home Inspector!

    By Ashton Thomas | July 26, 2022

    A home is one of the largest purchases and investments that is purchased in anyone’s lifetime. One of the most important reasons to have a home inspection when buying is the “peace of mind” it can provide. The primary purpose of a home inspection is to make sure the home is solid and safe. In... Read More

    Seller’s Disclosure-What You Need to Know

    By Ashton Thomas | May 19, 2021

    A Seller’s Disclosure helps protect the buyer from defects or problems with the home and surrounding property. The Seller’s Disclosure provides a list of any known problems or issues, providing the buyer with advance notice of any repairs that may need to be done. Not only does the disclosure inform buyers, but it also protects... Read More

    Buying A Home-Defining Your Needs -vs- Your Wants

    By Ashton Thomas | May 3, 2021

    What do you want in a home? It’s a simple question but it’s not necessarily the right one. Instead ask yourself this question. What do you really want in a home, and what do you really need in a home. Carefully review your wants and needs it’s a key step when starting your home search.... Read More